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“Drivel, bilge, waste!”

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Beautiful Resistance in the Portuguese-speaking World

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This month, we’re celebrating the Portuguese edition of our Beautiful Trouble toolkit! In partnership with Brazil’s Escola de Ativismo, we’re hosting an online workshop for our Portuguese-speaking friends speaking truth to power, whether they be in Portugal, Brazil, Mozambique, Angola or anywhere else. (Scroll down for more information in English.)   …Continue Reading

Beautiful Trouble Seeks Activist Editor(s) to Join Editorial Team

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Application deadline: June 30, 2018 Are you passionate about creative activism? And are you a skilled editor with a keen eye for detail, an ability to synthesize complex ideas in accessible language, and a passion for using persuasive language as a tool for social change? This is an opportunity to   …Continue Reading

Beyond the March: Resources for March for Our Lives 2018

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Here at Beautiful Trouble, seasoned activists, rebel-rousers, and political artists work together in support of movements for social change by creating resources and providing training on nonviolent direct action and creative activism. Our resistance toolbox includes Beautiful Trouble and Beautiful Rising books and websites, a study guide, and an ever-evolving   …Continue Reading

Beautiful Rising launched in NYC and Saskatchewan

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Dear Troublemakers! Beautiful Rising: Creative Resistance from the Global South, just did a mini-tour of the freezing Global North, and we are excited to tell you all about it! At the volunteer-powered Bluestockings bookstore in New York’s Lower East Side, Beautiful Rising co-editors Juman Abujbara and Andrew Boyd, along with   …Continue Reading

Beautiful Trouble: Spotted at Yale Law School Library

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  PRINCIPLE: Use the law, don’t be afraid of it

Training at CSU San Marcos

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On October 25th, 2017, Beautiful Trouble delivered the third program in The Activist Lab series, which was held at the Cross-Cultural Center at California State University San Marcos. This series aims to teach students and faculty how to become better activists and advocates for social justice. Beautiful Trouble’s creative action   …Continue Reading

Beautiful Rising Book Launch: Austin, Texas

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The Rising…. It’s Happening!! Our first Beautiful Rising book launch in the United States was held at Monkey Wrench bookstore in Austin, Texas, on October 19, 2017. This event, hosted by Beautiful Trouble/Beautiful Rising co-editor Dave Oswald Mitchell, featured a presentation on key insights and features of the book, as   …Continue Reading

Movement Organizer Gathering in Tanzania

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In partnership with ActionAid, for a week in September Beautiful Trouble gathered together in Tanzania leading movement figures from four continents, and mixed them with civil society folks from formal civil society organizations (CSOs) and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to share lessons and stories, and explore how movements and NGOs can   …Continue Reading

“I wanna start a wevowution” – Hazel, age 3

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Hazel Gavin is Beautiful Trouble’s biggest fan. She is 3 years old, headstrong, fearless, and funny. Her folks say she wouldn’t put the book down all afternoon. She also kept saying later: “Dada, I wanna start a wevowution.” See it for yourself:  

Brooklyn Book Fest

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At September’s Brooklyn Book Fest, the largest event of its kind in America, Andrew Boyd,  co-editor of Beautiful Trouble, spoke about “Books as Tools of Resistance” alongside some of the leading voices of our movements, including Linda Sarsour, Palestinian-American activist and co-organizer of the Women’s March, and L.A. Kauffman, author   …Continue Reading