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“Know-how accumulated over decades is presented in a simple and practical form, ensuring that Beautiful Trouble could serve as a bridge between generations … “

Julia Ramírez Blanco, Re-visones

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Countering Homophobic Policing in the UK

Countering Homophobic Policing in the UK

In the UK in the 1980s, thousands of men were being continually prosecuted for consensual gay behavior — a level of institutionalized police and judicial discrimination greater than any other European Community member at the time. In 1989, convictions for “gros... Read more

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Occupy Africa Unity Square

TODAY: Nine members of the Salary Caravan in Zimbabwe are now in police custody at the Macheke police station. PLEASE SHARE: Spreading the word keeps these troublemakers visible and puts pressure on the government to keep them safe. Release the Salary Caravan Nine! The arrested are: Obert Masaraure Robson Chere Godfrey Chanda Gerald Takawira Christine Jubane Takemore Mhlanga Regai Chinhuto Brenda Musavengana Taurai Boora Cde Kondo and VP Gaudencia Mandiopera 0773037053 are coordinating from outside..

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