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“A typical liberal may recognize contributor names on the cover like the Yes Men and Billionaires for Bush, but the guts of the book also nod to IWW, Earth First! and Otpor.”

Cole Wardell

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Countering Homophobic Policing in the UK

Countering Homophobic Policing in the UK

In the UK in the 1980s, thousands of men were being continually prosecuted for consensual gay behavior — a level of institutionalized police and judicial discrimination greater than any other European Community member at the time. In 1989, convictions for “gros... Read more

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It’s with a heavy heart we share that our dear friend in struggle — Gerry Lotenberg — has left this earthly form. Gerry was a generous contributor to Beautiful Trouble and a legend in so many ways. We will remember you fondly, Gerry. Thank you for the love. Read more on Gerry’s legacy here:

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