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” … a useful and impressive compendium of decades of distilled practical knowledge.”

Justin Jacoby Smith, Red Pepper

Resources for Your Classroom

 “Simply the most up-to-date and complete compendium of creative activist case studies and theories out there. It’s indispensable.” 

— Stephen Duncombe, NYU

Want to use Beautiful Trouble in your classroom? We can get you started! Here are some ideas on how to engage in the creative spirit of Beautiful Trouble with your students and peers.

  • Need help generating some classroom discussion? These prompts are a good place to start.
  • Think big! The New School’s Jeremy Varon used “beautiful trouble” as a key concept in his seminar course on Utopia.
  • Making policy more approachable? Ian Reilly’s students at Concordia University took to the streets with their own media campaigns.