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“The time-honed tradition of politicized mischief is back … “

Eli Rosenberg, The Brooklyn Paper

Morrigan Phillips

Morrigan Phillips is an organizer, writer, trainer and social worker living in Boston, MA. Over the years, she had been a campaign and direct action organizer against the IMF and World Bank, the war in Iraq, and the WTO and free trade, as well as an editor with Left Turn Magazine. Currently, Morrigan is working in the HIV/AIDS community in Boston by day and supporting climate justice, public transit and health justice direct action organizing by night. On the weekends she is a trainer and activist. Nationally, Morrigan is a coordinator of the I Heart Print Media track at the Allied Media Conference and is part of a network of trainers and writers developing tools for using visionary fiction for direct action and social change work. She has been published on-line and recently in the book We Are Many from AK Press. She can be found @mbotastic on Twitter.