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” … thoughtfully and respectfully addresses some very tough tactical issues that have stymied organizers for a long time.”

Gary Shaul, long-time organizer


” … it is about that small but vital place where an organizing campaign or movement meets the public sphere.”

“To be clear, this book is primarily about action.”

” … a true treasure trove of collective wisdom.”

” … an evolving, collaborative, and ultimately invaluable resource for action.”

“One of the best things about the book is its modular structure. […] You can wander, weaving between practice and theory, between the book and the web, forging your own path.”

Paul Kuttner,

” … this is a community resource in every sense of the word.”

” … most useful as an inspiration and as a source of reflection on what is possible.”

Robert David Steele Vivas, Public Intelligence Blog

“Drivel, bilge, waste!”

Rush Limbaugh

” . . . presents creative ways of drawing attention to injustice.”

Ruth Latta, The Compulsive Reader

” … an encyclopedia for creative activism.”

Sandra Cuff, Vancouver Media Co-op

“For your sister who scorned all the people who came down to Occupy Wall Street hoping to see Thom Yorke, a pocket-sized guide for revolution: Beautiful Trouble … “

The Airship

“Move over Abbie Hoffman, here’s the book you need to read while planning the revolution.”

“It’s the Whole Earth Catalogue for politicos.”

Wes “Scoop” Nisker, author of Crazy Wisdom