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“This is a primer for those ready and sturdy enough to take real action.”

Dennis Hiebert, Geez magazine

Women in Black

Women in Black (WiB) began in 1988 in Israel as a response to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza and to the Palestinian Intifada, but spread rapidly to countries all around the world. WiB’s website states: “Women in Black is a world-wide network of women committed to peace with justice and actively opposed to injustice, war, militarism and other forms of violence…. We are not an organization, but a means of communicating and a formula for action.” WiB actions often take the form of regularly scheduled silent vigils where participating women wear all black, stand in a public place, carry placards and pass out leaflets. WiB groups have also used many forms of nonviolent direct action, including blocking roads and trespassing on military bases.


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