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“The current political moment calls for bold leaps of imagination, new forms of organizing and a fearless blend of confrontation and celebration.”

Naomi Klein, author of No Logo & The Shock Doctrine

Washington Action Group (WAG)

Since 1998, Washington Action Group (WAG) has creatively harnessed the energy of cultural work to nonviolently build people and community power with street theater, stilt walking, graphic visuals, banners, giant props/puppets, pageantry and civil resistance actions and trainings. WAG formed the core of the organizing, training and art teams for the World Bank / IMF actions in 2000 that brought 40,000 protesters along with a fifteen-foot tall Goddess of Liberation and a humongous papier-mâché Structural Adjustment Machine into the DC streets. They have provided guidance to many national and local groups looking to make a splash effectively and safely at the intersection of art and politics. WAG is dedicated to using a diversity of creative resistance and cultural expression to help activists be more effective.


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