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Robert David Steele Vivas, Public Intelligence Blog

Skaggs, Joey

Joey Skaggs (born 1945) is an American artist notable for his prolific hoaxes and media pranks. In one (in)famous hoax, Skaggs put an ad in the Village Voice advertising a dog brothel. After receiving a blizzard of interested phone calls, he hired actors (dogs and people) and invited reporters to tour the facility. WABC TV even aired a piece on the brothel that was slated to win an Emmy but was disqualified when Skaggs revealed the hoax. Other pranks over the last several decades have included taking hippies on sightseeing tours of suburban Queens after Skaggs became annoyed at suburbanites touring the Lower East Side to gawk at hippies, attempting to burn a “Vietnamese nativity scene” to protest the war in Vietnam, tying a fifty-foot bra to the U.S. Treasury building on Wall Street, and dozens of others.


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