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David Swanson, & OpEd News

Reverend Billy and the Church of the Earthalujah

Reverend Billy is part performance art, part guerrilla theater and part political activism. Devised by Billy Talen in 1997 as a one-man performance piece, the Reverend Billy character first appeared in Times Square preaching that “Mickey Mouse is the Antichrist!” Styled after conservative televangelists in his white dinner jacket over a black T-shirt, priest’s collar and Elvis-esque hairdo, Reverend Billy and the Church of Earthalujah — a group of green-robed gospel singers formerly known as The Church of Stop Shopping — have performed countless retail interventions in the United States and abroad. Their targets have included Disney Stores, Starbucks, Walmart, Nike, Home Depot, Barnes & Noble, JPMorgan Chase and UBS.


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