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Beautiful Trouble is essential reading for the socially engaged artist.”

Ken Krafchek, Graduate Director, MFA in Community Arts, Maryland Institute College of Art

Lacy, Suzanne

California-based feminist activist, teacher, and leading figure in the public art movement, Suzanne Lacy creates socially oriented artworks that engage with community and audience members on multiple levels. Her projects include and combine exhibits, live performances, narratives, video and audio, workshops, public speak-outs, symposia and demonstrations. Lacy largely creates her work within a specific community and spatial context and collaborates with local politicians, grassroots activists, artists and other people directly affected by the chosen subject. Her work has mainly focused on feminist and urban issues. “3 Weeks in May” (Los Angeles, 1977) addressed rape by combining personal narratives and performative healing rituals with help hotlines, public self-defense classes and the mapped display of locations of rapes reported to the Los Angeles Police Department in a three-week time frame. Since 1991 Lacy has been the executive director of TEAM (Teens + Educators + Artists + Media Makers) in Oakland, California. She served in then-Mayor Jerry Brown’s education cabinet and was an arts commissioner for the city. Lacy is the Chair of Fine Arts at Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles, and edited the book Mapping the Terrain: New Genre Public Art (1995).


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