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“For your sister who scorned all the people who came down to Occupy Wall Street hoping to see Thom Yorke, a pocket-sized guide for revolution: Beautiful Trouble … “

The Airship

Hoffman, Abbie

Abbie Hoffman (1936–1989) was an activist, writer and founder of the Youth International Party (Yippies). Hoffman’s creative pranks and protests, which combined civil disobedience with the whimsical spirit of the counter-culture, made him a national symbol of the 1960s rebellions. In 1967 Hoffman and a group of collaborators showered the NYSE trading floor with handfuls of dollar bills thrown from the gallery above, creating chaos among traders and temporarily suspending trading. Later that year, during a massive anti-war demonstration in Washington, D.C., Hoffman led a group of protesters in an attempt to levitate the Pentagon and dispel evil spirits from the building by singing and chanting. In the wake of the 1968 riot in Chicago, Hoffman, along with seven others, was arrested on conspiracy charges. Hoffman’s antics during the trial effectively conveyed his political message and turned him into a household name.


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