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” … cover(s) a broad terrain, yet manages to go into a lot of detail, venturing well beyond sloganeering.”

Carl Rowlands, New Left Project

Deconstructionist Institute for Surreal Topology

The Deconstructionist Institute for Surreal Topology (DIST), a loose-knit group based in Canada and the UK, specializes in “Revolutionary Studies and the advancement of Applied Autonomy.” At the Free Trade Area of the Americas protests in Québec City in 2001, their Permanent Revolution pamphlet inspired the formation of a Medieval Bloc of protesters who built a giant teddy-bear-launching catapult. In 2002, when the G8 chose to meet in the mountain resort of Kananaskis in Western Canada to avoid protests, DIST issued a White Paper calling for protesters to adapt “Ewok tactics” à la Return of the Jedi to shut down the summit: “Maximum disruption combined with maximum cuddliness.” DIST has shown that research and a sense of humor can be the perfect antidote to both stale tactics and state repression.


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