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” … a truly remarkable set of suggestions on how to take on the panoply of powerful adversaries that are busy destroying the planet, democracy and everything else that is decent.”

Murray Dobbin,

Conal, Robbie

Robbie Conal is an LA-based guerrilla poster artist known for his grotesque portraits of political figures. Conal studied art at Stanford in the ’70s, but his politics led him outside the traditional art establishment and toward guerrilla art. The filmmaker Clay Walker made a documentary about him in 1992 (“Post No Bills”), and in 2004 he worked with Mear One and Shepard Fairey on the “Be the Revolution” national postering campaign, protesting Bush and the Bush wars. His latest work focuses on the financial crisis: one poster shows the CEOs of Goldman, JP Morgan, etc., wrapped in the tentacles of a giant pink squid while testifying before Congress, which itself is underwater. The caption reads “Big Fish Eat Little Fish: You Can Bank On It.” In his “Guerrilla Etiquette + Postering Techniques” manifesto, Conal lays out three key principles of his work: mass distribution, counter-infotainment and empowerment. He also reminds volunteers not to poster on privately guarded property because the folks in uniform could lose their jobs.


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