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Dennis Hiebert, Geez magazine

Bread and Puppet Theater

The Bread and Puppet Theater, founded by German immigrant Peter Schumann, wrote in their 1984 Cheap Art Manifesto: “ART IS FOOD. You can’t EAT it BUT it FEEDS you.” Their name refers to the practice of giving out free bread after each of their performances. Although their early work focused on issues specific to New York, their huge puppets on stilts were a fixture of anti-Vietnam War and other major protests. In 1970, Bread and Puppet left New York for Vermont, where they set up first at Goddard College and later on farmland in Glover. It was there that their most famous event, “Our Domestic Resurrection Circus,” drew tens of thousands of people for one weekend each year until 1998. Since then, the Theater has produced a carnival every weekend from June through September. Bread and Puppet is a nonprofit, sustaining itself largely with revenues from European and American tours of their productions. The group’s puppets are displayed at the Bread and Puppet Museum, an old red barn in Glover.


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