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Spanish edition launches — Bella Revuelta!

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Hello Troublemakers! We’re thrilled to tell you about Bella Revuelta: La Caja de Herramientas Para Hacer La Revolución—the brand-new hot-off-the-presses SECOND international version of Beautiful Trouble. Published by Milrazones, this Spanish version of BT’s Pocket Edition was officially launched in March 2014, with several events in Madrid and Barcelona that featured   …Continue Reading

Big training experiment also a big success

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“This workshop was so clearly approached from a place of beauty, positivity and love that it created a solid foundation for everyone to feel great about woking together, dreaming together, and imagining potential. Struggle is out. Beauty is in.” —Garret O’Connor, Change to Win Lead Organizer In a first time collaborative effort,   …Continue Reading

New BT-inspired column at Waging Nonviolence

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Dear Troublemakers, Our partners-in-trouble, Waging Nonviolence, are launching a new column entitled “Beautiful Trouble” that is inspired by, you guessed it, the growing world of Beautiful Trouble. The first essay, “When Martin Luther King Gave Up His Guns”, was published on January 15th, 2014, to coincide with the birthday of   …Continue Reading

Debut of BRAND NEW chapters of Beautiful Trouble

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  Dear Troublemakers, We have exciting news — Beautiful Trouble has begun rolling out BRAND NEW CONTENT to expand and deepen our approach to the art and science of creative action. The first new chapter is Tactic: Light Brigade, which showcases how the national coalition Overpass Light Brigade bears witness to   …Continue Reading

Troublemaking with alter-globalization movement Attac

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  Beautiful Trouble co-editor Andrew Boyd traveled to Paris this December and met with members of Attac, the “alter-globalization” movement that rose to prominence in the late 90s and has since spread to 34 countries on 4 continents. United behind the motto “Another world is possible”, Attac chapters fight for   …Continue Reading

1st BT international edition — Bela Baderna: Ferramentas Para Revolução!

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Hello Troublemakers! We’re thrilled to let you know about Bela Baderna: Ferramentas Para Revolução—the brand-new hot-off-the-presses first-ever international version of Beautiful Trouble: A Toolbox for Revolution. Published by Edições Ideal, this Portuguese version of the Pocket Edition of Beautiful Trouble brings the accumulated wisdom of decades of creative protest in   …Continue Reading

TEDx talk with BT co-editor Dave Mitchell

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This June 4th, Beautiful Trouble co-editor Dave Oswald Mitchell presented some core tenets of creative troublemaking through a discussion of  “The Grammar of Social Change.” His TEDx talk, given to an audience of 300 in Saskatoon, Canada, is now available through TEDx Regina. In the spirit of TED’s mission, “ideas worth   …Continue Reading

“Food Fight!”

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With the “Fight for Fifteen” campaign for a living wage for fast food workers just starting to get traction in Los Angeles, SEIU Local 721 hosted a Beautiful Trouble training for their entire organizing staff. Trainers Nadine Bloch, Hector Flores and Diana Pei Wu worked alongside BT Training Director Gan   …Continue Reading

“Art is a Hammer” with BT’s Gan Golan at Netroots 2013

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Beautiful Trouble’s new Director of Training, Gan Golan, will co-host a training session entitled “Art is a Hammer: Reshaping the Narrative Through Cultural Intervention” at the 2013 gathering of Netroots Nation, June 20 – 23 in San Jose, California. Along with Liz Manne and Favianna Rodriguez, Golan will lead participants   …Continue Reading

Announcing: Beautiful Trouble Trainings!

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Beautiful Trouble creative direct action training in Boston, April 2013. Photo by Kelly Creedon. Hello Troublemakers! Since we launched Beautiful Trouble, we’ve been telling people that the book is a training program just waiting to happen. Well, the wait is over: it’s happening! The grassroots organizers, artists and strategists who   …Continue Reading