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Beautiful Trouble is one of my most dog-eared books!

Mary DeMocker, Co-founder and Creative Director of 350 Eugene

Fees (for trainings you request)


Please note: These are ballpark figures for generic time chunks. All trainings are built to custom order. If there are unusual complexities or challenges, our rates may need to increase accordingly. In special circumstances, we can discuss sliding scale rates, as we are committed to making our trainings accessible to activists of all backgrounds and economic levels. We require a deposit of $500 at least 4 weeks before the date of training.

PRESENTATION | 1.5 – 2 hrs ($1-1.5K): A presentation of creative tactics for anywhere from 15-300 people. We will drop some mind bombs to get people excited, primed and pumped to take action. Then we give people a brief overview of core strategy and concepts with examples of great actions. Finally, we get people brainstorming together. It’s a great even to invite the larger creative community to attend and make it a public, community building exercise.

DAY-LONG TRAINING | 5-8 hours ($2-5K): We show you how to approach an organizing challenge in a totally different way. First we establish a common set of language and tools. Once we are working with this expanded approach then we dig into actual campaigns you are working on and apply those analytical tools to your campaigns. Then we come up with ideas and put them through their paces, analyzing and critiquing them. The goal is to have you walk out the door with a mix of open ended ideas as well as actual tactical plans that you can go and test out.

MULTI-DAY TRAINING | 2+days ($4-10K): Same as full day with additional day(s) focusing on your particular campaign, with the option of diving into Advanced Action Design.