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Creative Action Training

For Central and Eastern European Organizers

September 9-13, 2014

Budapest, Hungary

Application for this training has closed


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350-logo-orgAs global temperatures rise, we see a new urgency for social and political action. The fossil fuel industry is polluting our bodies, our land, our atmosphere and even our democracies. We are up against the richest corporations in the history of money – to stop them we are going to have to get creative!


The Global Call for Climate Action (GCCA) is working with and Beautiful Trouble to convene a diverse group of activist leaders from Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Ukraine, Slovakia, Romania, Russia, and Belarus for a special 5-day creative training and leadership intensive for organizations, networks, and activists to build new forms of resistance and resilience.

Apply today to join this unique training!

This 5-day Creative Action Training will be held at one of Budapest’s hottest arts and activist convergence spaces. Together, we will dig deep into Beautiful Trouble’s creative toolbox of creative resistance and gather with organizers from across the region to strategize and network on effective ways to take action together. It’s going to be an exciting week where we will be learning innovative new skills, and developing creative local action plans to confront the climate crisis.

The training will be facilitated by four super-talented, seasoned and skillful Beautiful Trouble Trainers based in Europe: Isa Fremeaux, John Jordan, Leonidas Martin Saura, and Oriana ElicabeRead their bios here.


Budapest, Hungary

Művelődési Szint (MÜSZI)

Community & Art Level (MÜSZi) is a creative cultural space that hosts community arts projects, creative workshops and events, and is a fresh, new junction in the cultural life of Budapest. Training sessions, housing, and meals will all be provided by MÜSZi.




STRATEGY! Trainers will lay a foundation of strategic tools and frameworks, such as…

  • Mapping your spectrum of allies

  • Points of intervention

  • How to choose both primary and secondary targets

  • Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT) analysis

TACTICS! We will dig deep into the Beautiful Trouble toolbox of creative tactics, which will offer your team a full spectrum of tools for creative brainstorming.

  • Action logic

  • Making the invisible visible

  • The 4 categories and 198 methods of nonviolent action

  • “Prefigurative” interventions

  • Knowing your cultural terrain

  • Expressive and instrumental actions

  • Putting your target in a decision dilemma

  • When and how to use specific tactics like: Human banner, Guerrilla projections, Creative disruption, Flash mob, Media-jacking, etc.

  • and much much more!


In many of our countries political repression and apathy prevent engagement in traditional politics, so we must find new ways intervening in the dominant social narrative. Learn to Think Big about countering climate change, and how the power of art, culture and creativity can fundamentally transform our approach to the work we do and dramatically amplify it’s impact. This gathering will bring experienced creative practitioners from across Europe together with young, creative climate activists to share experiences, skills and develop new ideas and plans for future interventions.


We look forward to having YOU in the room with us, along with some of the movement’s best trainers and creative campaigners, and watching your campaigns take shape!



The cost?… It’s FREE!

We aim to make this training available to all bold climate organizers.  This training is subsidized by GCCA and our partners at Avaaz. If your application is accepted, all housing, meals, and travel costs will be covered.

We will do our best to ensure representation by as many organizations and areas as possible. Your help spreading the word to your coalitions and friends is appreciated!

Application for this training has closed.

NOTE: Participation is limited to 25 people, and applications will be reviewed and accepted on a “rolling” basis – so the sooner you apply the more likely you are to be accepted.





Visit our websites:

Beautiful Trouble – a book, web toolbox and international network of artist-activist trainers helping grassroots movements become more creative and effective

Global Call for Climate Action – a network of more than 450 nonprofit organizations mobilizing to fight against climate change – coordinating climate-focused campaigns, projects and actions led from the bottom-up by people in 188 countries


the fine print

The training will be executed in English. Unfortunately due to the amount of countries we are recruiting from, we are unable to offer translations during the event. Please let us know on the application if you have any concerns with your level of English, and we will see how we can still support you to come.

All expenses will be paid for, however we’ll be asking participants to pay the cost of the travel upfront and this will be reimbursed on arrival at the training venue. If you cannot pay the initial costs, please let us know and if you are selected we will guide you through this process.

You will be required to be in possession of a passport and be eligible to apply for a visa from your Hungarian Embassy as soon as you are selected. We can support you through this process, but we will require you to get your own visa.

This training is being funded for by and and is being organized by Beautiful Trouble, Global Call for Climate Action and 

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