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” … even the familiar is so well presented and contextualized that people are likely to find new insights in what they thought they already knew.”

David Swanson, & OpEd News

Vitor Leal

Vitor Leal is a campaigner and storyteller. In order to tell stories, he's used everything from direct mail to blogs, video, literature, poetry, social media, and anti-social media. A social communicator with an MBA in Sustainability Management, he's found himself an activist within the Critical Mass movement, and his interest for learning processes at the School of Activism. Formerly in charge of planning and implementing innovative campaign projects at Oxfam in Brazil, he now works for the Climate and Energy campaign at Greenpeace Brazil.

Contributed Modules

Case Study: Brazil’s Free Fare Movement

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July 1, 2014

Ten years ago in Brazil, a horizontal, autonomous, independent and non-partisan movement called the Free Fare Movement (Movimento Passe Livre) was formed to fight for free, high-quality public transportation. Since then, every time a municipal government in Brazil has tried to increase public transportation fares, the Free Fare Movement has   …Continue Reading