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“When someone whines about what they can possibly do if it’s really true that voting won’t fix everything, hand them this book. When someone proposes violence as the only serious option available, hand them this book.”

David Swanson, & OpEd News

Simon Roel

Simon Roel holds a BA in Philosophy from the University of Copenhagen where he did not only study, but also got to socialize with all sorts of crazies (i.e. philosophers), including the founders of the Nihilist Democratic Party. Determined to become a film director, he did an intense one-year filmmaking program at the New York Film Academy. His thesis short film DARK ROOM, dealing with a dangerous mix of pizza, porn, and philosophy, got Simon into the prestigious American Film Institute Conservatory where he is currently completing his MFA in Directing.

Contributed Modules

Case Study: The Nihilist Democratic Party

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June 10, 2012

The Nihilist Democratic Party (NDP) was founded by a group of philosophy graduates and students who decided to run for public office on a nihilist platform. Fed up with the state of Danish politics, the students constructed an absurd political position, ironically claiming that the nihilism within religion and science   …Continue Reading