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“A typical liberal may recognize contributor names on the cover like the Yes Men and Billionaires for Bush, but the guts of the book also nod to IWW, Earth First! and Otpor.”

Cole Wardell

Silas Harrebye

Silas Harrebye is finishing up a PhD on creative activism and its potential to facilitate new forms of democratic participation. He has a master’s degree in political philosophy and international development. Today the consultancy skills that he acquired as a project manager in Africa and Eastern Europe are used to advance social entrepreneurship. Silas writes for international journals and is frequently used by the Danish media to comment on the implications of social movements around the world. He lectures widely on the same topic. He currently lives in Copenhagen with his partner and their two kids. Write him ( or google his name to find his profile.

Contributed Modules

Case Study: The Big Donor Show

Contributed by
June 5, 2012

De Grote Donorshow, a hoax TV program presented as a reality show, stands as one of the most effective and unique public awareness campaigns in recent years. The premise of the show was that a terminally ill woman would donate her kidney to the most worthy person of a group of people needing kidney transplants.   …Continue Reading