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“This is a primer for those ready and sturdy enough to take real action.”

Dennis Hiebert, Geez magazine


Mundano is an artivist working with grafitti and the recycling process. He prints his tags in São Paulo and around the world through creative manifestations that blur the frontiers of traditional collective artistic interventions regarding social engagement. It was with this spirit that he created Pimp My Carroça, where he combined the upgrading of the carts used to collect solid waste with medical and psychological assistance for the catadores in a political action that fought for better working and living conditions for these professionals. The result was a successful crowdfunding campaign that inserted grafitti as a new form of activism in the São Paulo agenda that Mundano is trying to spread with actions, exhibitions and lectures worldwide.

Contributed Modules

Case Study: Pimp My… Carroça!

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April 22, 2014

Carroça is the Portuguese word for carriage — that is, a wheeled vehicle for conveying people, often drawn by horses, and designed for comfort and elegance. Curiously, in Brazil this word also refers to the ramshackle carts that some human beings are compelled to use. These are the collectors of   …Continue Reading