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” … a useful and impressive compendium of decades of distilled practical knowledge.”

Justin Jacoby Smith, Red Pepper

Margaret Campbell

Margaret Campbell is a freelancer of many trades, but carries with her the spirit of engaged journalism, and a closely-held belief in the capacity of public art to heal and unite. She has had the opportunity to travel toward a deep understanding of her home community of Minneapolis/ St. Paul, and to work extensively on the White Earth Ojibwe Reservation in Northwestern MN on media and environmental justice initiatives. She is a staunch supporter and budding practitioner of the earnestly-funny approach to activism advocated in this book. She is currently stuck somewhere between the Mini Apple and the Big Apple.

Contributed Modules

Theory: Environmental justice

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May 22, 2012

By exposing the connections between social justice and environmental issues we can most effectively challenge abuses of power that disproportionately target indigenous and other economically and politically disenfranchised communities.