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Inter Pares

Kristen Ess Schurr

Kristen Ess Schurr took her first professional journalism job as a rock critic in Seattle. She moved on to be Palestine Bureau Chief for KPFA’s Flashpoints and also corresponded for several Pacifica affiliates while running the English department of the Palestine News Network in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Her writing has been translated into seven languages and can be found in independent journals and the anthology Live From Palestine. She is now residing in Los Angeles and working on CODEPINK’s Stolen Beauty ( and Boycott SodaStream campaigns (

Contributed Modules

Case Study: Stolen Beauty boycott campaign

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June 10, 2012

A group of American and Israeli women enter the Ahava cosmetics shop in the Tel Aviv Hilton. Sporting bikinis, they smear mud on their bodies, scrawling the words “Stolen Beauty” and “No Love in Ahava.” Questions are asked, a dialogue begins. A few weeks later at a “Tel Aviv Beach   …Continue Reading