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Inter Pares

Daniel Hunter

Daniel Hunter is a trainer and organizer with Training for Change, which practices a direct education style rooted in popular education, helping each person find their own wisdom and strategic brilliance. He has trained thousands of activists including ethnic minorities in Burma/Myanmar, pastors in Sierra Leone, independence activists in northeast India, environmentalists in Australia, and Indonesian religious leaders. As an organizer, he recently pioneered a successful nonviolent direct action campaign to halt a politically-connected $560 million casino development project — and has led direct action campaigns with local community groups, national unions, and broad coalitions. His home is west Philadelphia.

Contributed Modules

Tactic: Public filibuster

Contributed by
June 12, 2012

Interrupting or shutting down a hearing or government vote.

Tactic: Nonviolent search and seizure

Contributed by
May 17, 2012

Does the government or a polluting corporation have hidden documents or secret plans? Liberate them!