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“Should be required reading in every classroom.”

Judith Malina, founder of Living Theater

Training at CSU San Marcos

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On October 25th, 2017, Beautiful Trouble delivered the third program in The Activist Lab series, which was held at the Cross-Cultural Center at California State University San Marcos. This series aims to teach students and faculty how to become better activists and advocates for social justice. Beautiful Trouble’s creative action workshop joined a “Know Your Rights” workshop by the ACLU, a poetry-as-activism workshop, and a screening of “How to Start a Revolution.”

The two-hour creative action workshop was delivered by Beautiful Trouble’s Training Coordinator, Chelsea Byers, and new BT trainer Ruth Myers. Ruth brings to BT her history of union organizing, and currently works as a housing organizer with GroundUp Strategies.

Nearly 50 students and faculty participated in the roundtable discussion on effective creative actions throughout history. After the signature Beautiful Trouble powerpoint presentation of creative actions, participants shared stories of how different principles and tactics have helped communicate messages and achieve activist goals.

Students walked away with a deeper understanding of the history of nonviolent struggle, and a greater context of the spectrum of tactics accessible to creative organizers.