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” … cover(s) a broad terrain, yet manages to go into a lot of detail, venturing well beyond sloganeering.”

Carl Rowlands, New Left Project

Brooklyn Book Fest

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At September’s Brooklyn Book Fest, the largest event of its kind in America, Andrew Boyd,  co-editor of Beautiful Trouble, spoke about “Books as Tools of Resistance” alongside some of the leading voices of our movements, including Linda Sarsour, Palestinian-American activist and co-organizer of the Women’s March, and L.A. Kauffman, author of Direct Action: Protest and the Reinvention of American Radicalism. “I was honored (and frankly a bit intimidated) to be up there alongside Linda and L.A., but I just channeled the BT Principle: Use the Jedi Mind Trick, um, on myself (!) to convince myself I was not the imposter complex I was looking for,” said Andrew in a characteristic bit of self-deprecating illogic. In spite of the early morning timing and the downtown courthouse venue (which at least a few panelists recognized from previous protests) the room was packed, and many in the standing-room-only crowd were jotting down book titles and taking furious notes as panelists discussed one silver lining of America’s fascist turn: the resurgence of protest literature to meet a growing demand. Resist!

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