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” … how the 99 percent do book releases.”

Molly Fischer, Capital New York

Training with Bend the Arc – Bay Area

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“I had a wonderful experience facilitating the Beautiful Trouble nonviolent direct action training to Bend the Arc. The participants were engaged, enthusiastic, curious, and wanting to learn the material. We were able to cover a lot of information in a short amount of time. The participants appreciated doing role plays, learning about affinity groups, doing the hassle-line, and being able to receive answers to challenging questions. Bend the Arc is now more prepared to participate in nonviolent direct actions and to create a Bend the Arc affinity group. During this workshop the level of trust, knowledge, and commitment to doing social justice using the strategy of nonviolence increased. It was a very successful, fun, and meaningful training.” – Ariel Vegosen, Beautiful Trouble Trainer


This training is part of an ongoing partnership between Bend the Arc and Beautiful Trouble. For more information on Training Partnerships, contact BT Training Director Nadine Bloch at nadine [at]

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Participants work in breakout groups to dig deeper into discussion and use sculptures to model examples of nonviolent action throughout history.