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“One of the best things about the book is its modular structure. […] You can wander, weaving between practice and theory, between the book and the web, forging your own path.”

Paul Kuttner,

Beautiful Rising is LIVE! Yellow pigs, flash mobs and ping pong ball flyers, oh my!

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Beautiful Rising

After two years and seven jam sessions and 120 contributions from all over the world… Beautiful Rising is finally LIVE! (And Arabic and Spanish sites coming very soon.)

Bursting with stories and hard won insights from activists across the Global South, the toolbox is an interactive platform for building better movements and designing more effective actions.

It’s a handy guide, tailored to the pragmatic needs of the everyday troublemaker:

Government suppressing free speech again? Consider using clandestine leaflets or currency hacking. That way, you can still get your message out without ending up in jail.

Some of your comrades end up in jail anyhow? Check out how a tactic like jail solidarity can actually help you build support for your movement and ensure your safety while you’re behind bars.

Faced with a rigged election? Might be time for some electoral guerrilla theatre.

Ready to escalate your campaign? Brush up on how to strategically use civil disobedience, and while you’re at it, review a few key related principles — like putting your target in a decision dilemma, and using humour to undermine the authorities.

And always remember what mom said: take risks, but take care.

The Beautiful Rising toolbox puts all these ideas and insights and more are at your fingertips.

You can also access Beautiful Rising via chatbot, an offline strategic action design game, or a downloadable PDF version of your own personalized toolbox (coming soon). These multiple platforms can be really handy if you’re collaborating online, doing a training, or in situations when online access is limited or state surveillance is an issue.

By collecting hard-won insights across many movements, and teasing out strategic insights Beautiful Rising is connecting the dots among movements, and building international and intersectional solidarity.

We hope you are as excited as we are — and that you’ll put the toolkit to good use.

If you want to contribute a story, want to request a training or be part of translating the toolkit into another language, or simply just want to get in touch — well — please write us at


Looking forward seeing the Beautiful Rising toolbox at work in a movement near you!