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“When someone whines about what they can possibly do if it’s really true that voting won’t fix everything, hand them this book. When someone proposes violence as the only serious option available, hand them this book.”

David Swanson, & OpEd News

Contribute your ideas and stories to Beautiful Solutions

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For the last four years, Beautiful Trouble has shared powerful stories of people coming together to resist injustice across the world. Our books, online tools and global training program equip communities with strategic frameworks and tools to take action creatively and effectively.

We believe that to fight injustice, we also have to imagine and create the world we want.

That’s where Beautiful Solutions comes in. To answer the question “What are we fighting FOR?” Beautiful Solutions is collecting stories to spotlight the most powerful strategies for creating a democratic, just, and sustainable future. Right now, you can explore the Beautiful Solutions Gallery and Lab, hosted by Naomi Klein’s and Avi Lewis’ This Changes Everything.

And that’s just the beginning! Over the next year, we’re compiling a collection of the best stories and ideas into a book, and we want to include yours.

Will you be a contributor? Share your ideas and stories for the Beautiful Solutions book by participating in this survey:

Beautiful Solutions supports visionary people from around the globe to tell their own stories, and collaborates to create tools for everyone to build solutions in their communities. Today, we’re reaching out to community leaders and activists from around the globe and asking them to share the big questions they’re wrestling with, along with stories they think should be featured in the book.

Please forward this survey to everyone you think should participate. The survey will be open for about a month.

Our vision is for Beautiful Solutions to be a set of resources by the movement and for the movement. Thank you for helping making that vision a reality!