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“The time-honed tradition of politicized mischief is back … “

Eli Rosenberg, The Brooklyn Paper

Russian edition of Beautiful Trouble has arrived!

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Russian Edition of Beautiful Trouble

Have you heard the news? The latest international version of Beautiful Trouble is hot off the press and stirring up trouble!

Published by the anarchist publishing cooperative Radical Theory and Practice, this Russian edition of Beautiful Trouble features a handful of new Russian case studies and a gorgeous cover design with optional front- and back-cover stickers.

The translation was made possible thanks to the volunteer efforts of a group of activist translators, coordinated by Kiev-based Yuliya Makliuk of, and the thoughtful direction of Sasha (codename: “icecream”) at Radical Theory and Practice.

The book has already been making the rounds in Russia. Meanwhile, a shipment of books to a regional organizers training in Ukraine… was confiscated by Russian customs. A printer in Kiev has been found to circumvent the blockade. :-)

You can order your very own copy here.

Sascha presenting the book at the DIY Festival in Moscow

Sasha presenting the book at the DIY Festival in Moscow