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Naomi Klein, author of No Logo & The Shock Doctrine

This Changes Everything & Beautiful Solutions partner to highlight new economy solutions

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Still from This Changes Everything

Still from This Changes Everything

The Beautiful Trouble collective is excited to announce a new partnership to develop an online “solutions gallery” with This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs the Climate, the forthcoming book by Naomi Klein and documentary by Avi Lewis. The Beautiful Solutions gallery will launch as part of the This Changes Everything website in September, and will highlight the solutions, tactics, values, and theoretical concepts needed to build new institutions grounded in justice and sustainability.

This Changes Everything will change the conversation on the climate crisis and how to address it,” says Rachel Plattus, Co-Editor of Beautiful Solutions. “People are looking for concrete, meaningful initiatives they can support or adapt to help meet the challenges we face. We know that capitalism can’t solve the climate crisis. Now we need to focus on what can.”

This is where Beautiful Solutions comes in. With a network that spans the climate, social justice and “new economy” movements, the Beautiful Solutions team is collaboratively mapping out the transitional and post-capitalist solutions that are already popping up everywhere.

This Changes Everything is a call to seize the ‘climate moment’ to rebuild our broken economic system,” said This Changes Everything team member Michael Premo. “Solutions aren’t science fiction, they’re all around us. This gallery can help us celebrate, connect and build on these solutions.”

As it evolves through 2015, the solutions gallery will form the basis of the forthcoming book & web toolkit, Beautiful Solutions: A Toolbox for the Future.

If you wish to contribute to the solutions gallery, please read Beautiful Solutions’ call for submissions. And then share your ideas here.

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