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Carl Rowlands, New Left Project

Spanish edition launches — Bella Revuelta!

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Bella Revuelta authors Andrew Boyd, Leónidas Martín, and Julia Ramírez Blanco in the La Reina Sofia bookstore.

Bella Revuelta authors Andrew Boyd, Leónidas Martín, and Julia Ramírez Blanco in the La Reina Sofia bookstore, Madrid.

Hello Troublemakers!

We’re thrilled to tell you about Bella Revuelta: La Caja de Herramientas Para Hacer La Revolución—the brand-new hot-off-the-presses SECOND international version of Beautiful Trouble. Published by Milrazones, this Spanish version of BT’s Pocket Edition was officially launched in March 2014, with several events in Madrid and Barcelona that featured BT wrangler-in-chief Andrew Boyd.

Boyd, along with Spanish-edition authors Leónidas Martín and Julia Ramírez Blanco, spoke to audiences about the Beautiful Trouble project, and presented six amazing new case studies unique to this version that showcase the best of Spanish creative activism.

AB speaking Reina Sofia Leo, Julia photo by J. Ortiz

Bella Revuelta authors Andrew Boyd, Julia Ramírez Blanco, and Leónidas Martín.

In “Fiesta #CierraBankia,” members of the Enmedio Collective laid in wait with music, champagne, and confetti to surprise a customer closing her account in protest of the government bailout of the banks, while in “Champions of Unemployment” a quick lunchtime stunt goes viral and reminds everyone that Spain isn’t only number one in sports. 

BT’s “Make the invisible visible” is elegantly showcased in “We Are Not Numbers”, where activists made giant portrait-posters of people who were being foreclosed upon, and plastered them right onto the front of the bank responsible for kicking them out of their homes.

Your Money or Your Life” tells  how, with just a few staged photographs and a prank phone call, activists shut down the Barcelona Stock Exchange for two days and caused a meeting to be canceled between the World Bank and the IMF.

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An audience member in Barcelona paying (creative) attention to a presentation by Andrew Boyd and Leónidas Martín.

Acampadasol” investigates the creative tactics that worked, and the ones that didn’t,  in a 2011 mass encampment in the heart of Madrid.

And lastly, also included in this edition is the day Spain’s national frustration at housing prices and real estate speculation coalesced into a record-setting collective scream of “No vas a tener una casa en la puta vida!” (“you’re not going to have a home in your fucking life!”), as measured by an especially designed fury gauge, the “putómetro.”

Alongside the events in Madrid and Barcelona, Bella Revuelta was profiled in El Mundo, Spain’s second-largest newspaper, as well as the respected online magazine FronteraD. Word is spreading. Tell all your Spanish-speaking friends. And in addition to our versions from Spain and Brazil, look for more international editions of Beautiful Trouble—from France, Germany, Russia, as well as a special Latin American version—all coming soon!

Learn more about Bella Revuelta, and order your copy now.