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Visualizing trouble

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visualize BT beta

Visualize Beautiful Trouble

We are excited to launch an experimental navigation interface for the
 contents of the Beautiful Trouble book. We wanted to play around with
 alternative ways of seeing the book’s contents and making connections 
between the different entries. This visualization does just that! Built by 
Marian Dörk at Newcastle University, the visualization explores new 
ways of presenting and navigating the entries in the book and the 
relationships between them. The visualization takes up three views:

  • Just like on the website, the article view displays one entry at a time 
and lets you navigate to related entries on the right.
  • In the context view all entries are arranged around a selected article; the stronger the relationship to the selected entry in the middle, the 
closer the other entries are placed around it.
  • In the network view all entries are displayed based on the connections 
they have to each other. More connected elements are in the center and 
less connected ones on the periphery.

Give it a whirl at and let us know
what you think! Just click on the feedback button in the top right corner. We’re
 still experimenting with this, and so are very interested in getting your