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BT review. ¡In Spanish!

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The latest edition of the Re-visiones features a bilingual review of Beautiful Trouble, in English and Spanish.

Re-visiones is a dual language magazine published annually in various formats on topics of art, visual theory, aesthetics and visual culture.

In the review, entitled “Beautiful Trouble o cómo moverse entre el arte y la revuelta/Beautiful Trouble or how to move between art and revolt”, Julia Ramírez Blanco writes:

Know-how accumulated over decades is presented in a simple and practical form, ensuring that Beautiful Trouble could serve as a bridge between generations or as a kind of genealogy of practice. … On many occasions it deploys humor as a political weapon: Beautiful Trouble is an entertaining and audacious book which provokes smiles in the reader.

She concludes that,

Beautiful Trouble is an invitation to think through praxis and thereby test the elasticity of those fine lines that separate art from life, the dreamed world from the present world. All of this with the playful attitude that characterizes the best of the classic artistic avant-gardes.

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