“A brilliant spark that will fly through the air and set the vapors of our insurrectionary imaginations alight.”

John Jordan, founder of Reclaim the Streets

Oriana Eliçabe

Oriana Elicabe currently lives and works as a freelance photographer in Barcelona and is part of the artivist collective Enmedio, where she coordinated the Photography in Action Workshop TAF!

Her work departs from defining photography as a tool for social change and focuses on exploring processes of social and political transformation, and especially social struggles of apparently disenfranchised groups in Latin America, Europe and Africa. In many of her projects she approaches contemporary cultural and social conditions as a narrative, the thread linking stories of struggle and resistance to the neoliberal system that generates economic and social apartheid.

She has been widely published and exhibited in many international cultural venues, and has taken part in various artist  and activist collectives and networks. (Las Agencias, Yomango, New Kids on the Black Block, Enmedio, etc.)